Month: March 2008

Lourdes Hospitalite

In February we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Lourdes Hospitalité in the Archdiocese which gave us another reason to celebrate Lourdes this year. The Hospitalité is a charitable organisation committed to assisting the sick and handicapped of the Annual Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. They welcome new members and, as Elizabeth McQuade of the Hospitalité told us, membership is open to anyone over 18 who is willing to undertake the objectives of the Hospitalité which are: Commitment to promote the message Our Lady entrusted to Bernadette. In Lourdes, to care for the sick and handicapped of the pilgrimage and to do tasks required by the Hospitalité de Notre Dame de Lourdes. Strengthen the sense of community amongst its members, support them in their Christian life, their responsibility within the Church and their devotion to Mary the Mother of God. The important aspects of membership (whether as a Doctor, Nurse, Brancardier or Helper) are service, friendship, celebration and commitment. The celebration of their 60th Anniversary took the form of a Vespers of Our Lady of Lourdes in St. Joseph’s, Tollcross. The music of the service reflected the Marian theme, opening with “Alma Redemptoris” by Palestrina, followed by the modern hymn “Mary Full of Grace” to the tune of O Sanctissima. After Psalms 121 and 126, the Magnificat was sung to the tune of Amazing Grace and the...

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The White Mass: 2008

In February we had a new national celebration of service for those involved in the health care professions and voluntary care sector. This first holding of what is intended to be an annual service, the White Mass, was held in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, with Cardinal Keith O’Brien presiding and Archbishop Conti as Principal Celebrant, in the company of three other Scottish Bishops and a congregation drawn from the various health care sectors. In his homily, Bishop Logan reminded the congregation that they were asked to be like Abraham in answering the call of God. He paid tribute to those who work in the caring professions which had particular relevance in this the 150th anniversary of the Apparitions at Lourdes which is a living sanctuary of prayer, penance and loving service to one another. Among the music of the Mass, the opening hymn, the Hymn of St. Columba with its prayers for blessing, protection and the encircling love of God, and Peter McGrail’s Peace Song were particularly resonant for those whose vocation is to work with the...

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