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Since the 2nd Vatican Council the Church has made the “full conscious and active participation” by all the faithful in the liturgy a fundamental aim for all those involved in public worship. In practice, sacred music—whether “making prayer more pleasing, promoting unity of minds or conferring greater solemnity” has been amongst the most significant tools of such participation.

Accordingly, the Archdioceseof Glasgow Music Committee seeks to identify & encourage good liturgical music practice in the archdiocese, supporting and encouraging collaboration among those involved in its preparation, and providing resources for cantors, psalmists, choirs, musicians, clergy, congregation, schools, composers, and liturgists.

We recognise that it is important to be convincing in putting across to people involved in liturgy that the essential purpose of music in the liturgy is to encourage, support and enrich people in prayer.

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St Leo’s Day 10th November 2018

Mass of St Leo 2018 Let us pray ‘Father of us all, as we honour St Leo we pray for Pope Francis  and for all who are responsible for leading and guiding people in faith. Let all of us show Leo’s courage, his trust in you, and...

Parish Prayers

Some parishes may wish to use simplified forms of the prayer of the Church. Please find a collection of prayers below.